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Hundo has teamed up with YES-U!

Yes U! offers a range of health products, sourced globally from only the best developers and producers, to ensure purity, quality and efficacy. Ensuring that every single product is of the best possible quality and most importantly, will give their clients the results they need.

In a world where one can so easily get overwhelmed by choice and conflicting information. Yes U! endeavors to always make it about U! and offering U! the solution to your personal health concerns, by keeping things simple yet effective for all levels of well being.

Currently focused on providing the purest, most scientifically researched form of Hydrolyzed Collagen peptides available and continuously working on developing new combinations of products. Educating people on how easily Collagen can be incorporated into one’s lifestyle, to make the world of difference to a healthy glowing and optimally functioning body. Collagen is extremely beneficial for Anti Ageing, Immune Boosting, Hair Growth, Weight Control, Skin Hydration, Bone & Muscle Support, Joint Health, Gut Health, Nail Strength and so much more. It can offer relief and benefits for people across all ages and from all across the health spectrum.

We currently have the following products available. Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides in 200g, 350g and 500g packs and will be shipped to you anywhere in South Africa at no extra charge.

We also have pure Vitamin C, L-Glutamine and MSM powders available and be sure to stay in touch, in order to also see what Yes U! have got lined up in the world of nutrition, health & beauty.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our range of products and please give us your feedback and reviews, by contacting us on

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